The A-Z of Secondary Infertility

My second book, ‘The A-Z of Secondary Infertility’, is scheduled for release early 2018.

The A-Z of Secondary Infertility is in an easy to digest format that explains the feelings, emotions, medical terms and fertility acronyms associated with the condition.  It will comfort those suffering and enlighten those around them.

“I hope that just by opening any random page and reading just one or two of the entries and their definitions, the reader might read words that resonate with them, finally find their identity and find comfort in knowing that other people share and recognise their feelings.”  Helen Davies, author of The A-Z of Secondary Infertility.

If you don’t know who your DH is or what on earth your AF is, this book is worth a read.  If you are booked in for a Hysterosalpingogram and can’t say it let alone know what it is, then I will explain all.  And if you just want someone who gets your thoughts on Bumps and Hope, Facebook Announcements, Loss and Jealousy, you will find that friend in this book.

Coming Soon…..

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