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buddy logo Secondary Infertility MattersWe understand completely how lonely and isolating Secondary Infertility can be. We will be there for you. Every month, regular contact with useful information, answers to your questions, motivation, useful explanations, nutritional advice, alternative therapy ideas and shared stories. Sign up for just £4.99 a month to receive support that matters straight to your inbox.

‘Buddy’ is our monthly email that drops straight in your inbox on the 14th of every month – what better number in the calendar to choose hey?!  Let’s make 14 feel like a good number for once!

Aim: Buddy will be there reassure you each month that you are not alone, you have people who understand you and can offer comfort, advice and useful information.

What does ‘Buddy’ include?: 

  • An Update and word from Helen
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Wellbeing Advice
  • Fertile Friendly Recipe
  • Real Life Story – an insight into someone else’s journey
  • A Picture Paints 1000 Words – Trigger or thought provoking images
  • A-Z – Important definitions from the world of Secondary Infertility
  • News and views from the previous month
  • TTT – These Three Things – ideas to focus on during the next month
  • Motivational Moment – an inspiring quote to drive you through the month

How does it work?: It’s really simple to get ‘Buddy’ in your life.  All you need to do is subscribe here and on the 14th of the next month you will receive your first copy straight to your inbox.  You don’t need to do anything else, we will automatically send you your monthly Buddy.

How do I subscribe?: You can set up a Paypal payment here, that will automatically take a payment from your Paypal account each month.  Simply complete the details and we will do the rest.


How do I unsubscribe?: Simply click unsubscribe on your next Buddy and cancel your Paypal arrangement.  It’s that easy.