About Me

My name is Helen and I struggled with Secondary Infertility for three years.  My first son Zac was born in 2003, after trying to conceive for three years and eventually we were successful following 4 months of Clomid.

2011. Just the three of us.. and Grandma

2011. Just the three of us.. and Grandma!

As I had polycystic symptoms and as we had struggled the first time, when the desire for another child kicked in and Mother Nature again wasn’t playing ball, we went straight back to the IVF clinic for advice and assistance.  Our fertility was unexplained though I did have some polycystic symptoms.  After 15 unsuccessful months on Clomid we were referred for IVF.  We undertook 4 cycles in 14 months, November 2011, February 2012, June 2012 and November 2012.

We were blessed with our twins, Anya and Xavier in May 2013, and though born at 29 weeks and spending 10 weeks in Hull Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, they are now both happy, healthy and crazy kids.  Our family was finally complete.


2014. And then there were 5! Zac with his brother and sister, Xavi and Anya xxx

Originally from Lancashire, with most of my family from Liverpool, I now live in East Yorkshire where I met and married Jason my husband.  We live between Hull and York with our gorgeous three children.

My career began working for PR consultancies in Liverpool and Manchester until I was drawn to the other side of the Pennines to work at Communications Manager and then Marketing Communications Director for a large motor dealer group, that eventually became part of RBS Group.  From cars to property, my next role was as part-owner/director of a property development firm until I left to have Zac and then set up my own marketing firm.

Having spent my entire career in PR and Marketing, after the twins were then born, I looked at life in a completely different way.  My priorities changed, my career had to take a back seat, but moreover, after everything we had been through, I wanted to be a Mummy to those longed for kids and not to miss a minute.  That said, I can never sit still.

After raising £52,722 to buy a new transport incubator for the NICU, I then researched and launched a brand new online store, inspired by the babies, The Lovely Keepsake Company,  specialising in keepsake gifts to commemorate and celebrate events, achievements and milestones all through life.  We now sell 400+ items as the store grows daily but the beauty is all the marketing I now do is finally, for my own business and more importantly, I can work from home and be where the kids need me.


Team Davies

We know we are extremely blessed.  Whilst life can be hard and three kids can be testing, we thank our stars each night for our family.  “I love you, my dreams come true.” x

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christin says:

    I’m so glad I found your site! I too struggle with secondary infertility. When my husband and I started trying to seriously conceive our first child we tried clomid as 21 day progesterone tests showed I wasn’t ovulating every month. We were so lucky because we got pregnant right away on the first cycle. I was 30 years old. I had a healthy baby girl. My daughter is now 3 years old and we have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years. I tried about 6 rounds of clomid sparatically in that time and was not monitored on those cycles to see if I actually ovulated. I was a bit concerned about taking too many rounds of clomid because of the risk of ovarian cancer. That’s when I started on to letrozole with IUI and completed 2 failed attempts. We just moved to a new state and began seeing a new fertility clinic and have undergone two rounds of IVF. The first with just 1 embryo and the second with 2 embryos. They both fell negative except I did experience a chemical pregnancy on the second round which was heart breaking.
    I’m not giving up, although I am becoming more open to the idea of adoption. I just can’t kick that desire of having more of my own children away.
    Time will tell and of course lots of praying.


    • mrsd1209 says:

      Oh Christin, I am so glad you found the site too! So so sorry to hear of your struggle, you have really been through it already. I love that you are considering all options and I hope that somehow time and prayers will help you feel fulfilled in wherever life takes you. With love to you and your family and every best wish. Helen xx


  2. Christin says:

    Thank you!!! On to my second round of stim on the 17th. We are going to do genetic testing on embryos this time!!! I plan to get your book soon too. Thanks for writing it and also having this site.


    • mrsd1209 says:

      Ah thank you Christin and so glad you are finding the site useful. Am sure the book will also give support in sharing stories that I’m sure will make you feel less alone xx Good luck with your treatment xx


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