1 March 2017


screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-12-43-31I’m delighted to confirm that my new book More Love To Give will be officially launched at The Fertility Show in Manchester on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2017.  I will be on the Fertility Road Magazine stand A32, with thanks to Tone Jarvis-Mack, selling the book and signing for those who would like.

“Having the physical book finally in my hands, and more importantly in the hands of those couples who might benefit, it a huge milestone not just in my life, but also in my mission to raise the profile of this hidden condition.  With the collateral of the book, I will now be bettered armed to target key media titles and give them detailed content about my experience and mission in the hope that we can raise the profile of Secondary Infertility as quickly as possible.

“For sure this is a super exciting time for me personally as I will be able to tick one off my bucket list and as the book has been more than 4 years in the making.  Perhaps what is more exciting is the anticipation and eagerness of the website, Twitter and Facebook followers who are keen to learn more, know they are not alone and in turn help spread the message.  I can’t wait for the launch and all that it will hopefully lead to.”

More Love To Give will be available in paperback at £9.99 and ebook.

12 December 2016


Helen Davies, who has spent the last two years trying to raise the profile of Secondary Infertility has confirmed, that her memoir on the subject will finally be published early in the New Year and will be one of just many ways she will be working to put further momentum behind the push to bring the spotlight on the condition.

The book is already in production and it is hoped will be launched in March 2017.  The front cover has been designed and depicts the same powerful image of the three pairs of wellies at the front door that has been used and so well received on the Secondary Infertility Matters website.

Helen said:  “Having given draft copies of the manuscript to close friends to critique and comment on, I feel a little braver about finally launching the story to the public, though it is still quite daunting.  What drives me on is the overwhelming response I’ve had so far, particularly to the launch of the new website and recent media attention, but moreover the clear need for this type of specific support for those who are still struggling.”

More Love To Give will be available in hard copy and Kindle version.  See this website for launch dates.

1 November 2016


Local Hull Mum, Helen Davies, has designed and launched a brand new website to support couples struggling with Secondary Infertility, to co-incide with National Fertility Awareness Week starting today Monday 31st October – 6th November.

Helen has been a supporter of Hull’s IVF Clinic since conceiving her twins following four rounds of IVF in 13 months in 2011/2012 and wrote a book detailing her experiences of the grueling treatment and challenges of trying for a second child.

It was when Helen found that there was little information or support for anyone who was going through fertility treatment but already had a child, that she started writing her memoir and it was in 2014 when she was told by a publisher that there wasn’t enough of a market for a book on Secondary Infertility, that she decided to not only prove them wrong, but educate more people on the subject.

For the last two years Helen has been blogging abut the subject, writing for Fertility Road Magazine and supporting Hull IVF Unit at patient events and with publicity. As well as being one of their Media Volunteers, she also features in the promotional material for the campaign #HiddenFaces, launched by Fertility Network UK, the national organisation behind this week’s National Fertility Awareness Week.

The new website has loads of information about the condition, how to identify with it, how to manage and has advice for friends of families of those struggling to help them support loved ones going through it.   There is also real stories from others struggling, views from the experts, links to motivational songs and videos on Helen’s own YouTube channel where she has produced two films giving an insight into the condition. Hull based band Mighty & the Moon lent their track ‘Take My Heart’ as background to both films. There is also a subscription newsletter ‘Buddy’ each month via the website, offering practical advice, friendly support and words of encouragement straight to the recipients’ inbox.

Helen said: “I remember reading one tiny paragraph in a huge book about IVF that mentioned the immense guilt felt by couples who already have a child but require fertility treatment to conceive a second and it was a massive weight lifted because I finally felt understood. There is too little empathy or support for anyone who has a child but feels they want to provide a sibling as people are quick to say “well you are lucky to have a child!” Anyone struggling with Secondary Infertility knows how lucky they, are but that doesn’t meant they should be frowned upon for wanting another.

She added: “I knew from feedback when I initially launched my Facebook page, two years ago to promote my book, that there were many couples facing this heartache, feeling alone and misunderstood. It was only when a publisher told me there wasn’t a market for a book like this, and that people didn’t search on Amazon for this subject, that my mission really started. 1 in 6 couples are struggling with infertility and of those having fertility treatment, 1 in 3 already have a child it’s just most don’t know their situation has a name, or where to find help specifically written to support them. I am determined to reach them, tell them they are not alone and give them as much information as I possibly can.”

Helen is also supporting Hull IVF Unit’s #DareToShare campaign on social media by asking people who have been successful through fertility treatment to dare to share their family photos with the hashtag #daretoshare to get more people talking openly about IVF and fertility treatments.


31 October 2016


The Hull IVF unit has launched a new campaign to encourage couples in Hull and East Riding who have been successful in having a family, to share their news openly to give hope and confidence to others yet to embark on fertility treatment, as part of National Fertility Awareness Week, 31st October to 6 November 2016.

The #DareToShare campaign, set to run on social media, will involve former patients sharing photos of their babies conceived through treatment, using the hashtag #DareToShare, with the aim to help remove the stigma of IVF and other fertility treatments that assist with conception. 1 in 6 couples in the UK (approx. 3.5 million people) are affected by infertility and Fertility Network UK’s focus this year is to highlight the unseen, intimate and day to day reality of fertility issues.

The unit is also holding an open evening on Friday 4 November, 4.30pm – 7.30pm, to encourage couples who are considering fertility treatment to meet the team in informal surroundings and ask any questions. The evening will be held at the Mercure Hotel,

Caroline Frost, Office Manager of The Hull IVF Unit based at Hull Royal Infirmary said: “We always support National Fertility Awareness Week and this year, are asking our former patients to help us with our campaign. It is a brave, bold ask, we know that, and we understand it may have been a potentially painful time, but we hope people join in, celebrate their success and help us change perceptions about fertility issues. We have a wall full of photos of wonderful babies in our waiting area and would love if their parents would share their photographs on their social media pages and not be afraid to talk about their treatment.

Caroline added: “There are many reasons a couple may consider fertility treatment and it is great news that Fertility Network UK are focusing on those stories that aren’t stereotypical. The whole aim of the campaign and open evening is to help couples who might be contemplating treatment and we would encourage anyone to come along on the 4th November to ask any questions they may have.”

Helen Davies, 42 of South Newbald, who successfully conceived twins after four rounds of IVF through the Hull IVF Unit, and who promotes the issue of Secondary Infertility through her website and book about the journey, More Love To Give, was the first to back the #DareToShare campaign. Helen said: “There was a time that I was ashamed that we had treatment but it was the silence of people like myself, who have now been successful, that reinforced that ridiculous stigma around fertility. Infertility is hugely common, with many causes, it is tremendously stressful and often painful and I really believe it is the responsibility of all of us who have been successful to share our stories to help it become a more accepted in society. I would hate for my precious children to feel any stigmatism and would like to think that by talking about it I can ‘normalise’ all treatment available for their sakes too.”

Susan Seenan, chief executive of leading patient fertility charity Fertility Network UK said: “National Fertility Awareness Week is about raising awareness and changing perceptions of fertility issues, as well as providing support for the one in six couples, and others, who struggle to become parents. This year we are revealing fertility’s #HiddenFaces – the real people behind fertility struggles; we hope their stories and images will help others experiencing fertility problems and help turn around common misconceptions about fertility. We would like to thank Hull IVF Clinic for supporting our campaign and the awareness week.”

Members of the Hull IVF Clinic team will also be baking and preparing fertility friendly foods and sharing ideas at the clinic and on social media during the week to help educate people how they can help themselves via nutrition.

Fertility Network UK is the leading patient charity helping people with any aspect of fertility problems. National Fertility Awareness Week runs from 31 October to 6 November and the focus for the national campaign is to reveal #HiddenFaces struggling with fertility problems, examining those who aren’t stereotypically infertile by shining the spotlight on untold fertility stories.


October 2016

National Fertility Awareness Week puts the spotlight on Secondary Infertility

Nimg_6821ational Fertility Awareness Week is 31 October –  6 November 2016 in the UK.  This year I’m excited about three parts of the campaign.  Firstly and obviously the most important is that for the first time, Secondary Infertility is being featured as one of the five hot topics for each of the five publicity days.  It’s great to see it getting some exposure.

This brings me onto the second reason to be excited and that is the campaign title #HiddenFaces which focusses on all those that need assistance but don’t fit into the typical stereotype of IVF couples.  Fabulous news, not least for our interests, in that having a family already is not usually the profile you associate with a couple requiring fertility treatment.

And finally, I’m in it!  I am super chuffed to feature in the campaign material on behalf of Secondary Infertility and proud to represent the topic as a Media Volunteer for Fertility Network UK.

Here’s hoping the #HiddenFaces campaign gets the coverage and attention it deserves.

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