Taking care of you

When trying to conceive everyone has a different starting point in terms of overall health and well-being.  Whilst this is by no means a medical site, there is a commonly believed notion that a healthy body will aid conception – just as it was once described, like a car needs a healthy engine to get from A-B.

BMI – Any clinic will advise if you BMI is too high and some won’t proceed with treatment if they feel that you need to lose weight and bring your BMI down.

Fertility Friendly Foods – There are numerous foods that are supposed to be good for a women’s body at certain times of the months, other food groups you should avoid and others that help with male fertility.  Reading up on what you should be eating, avoiding or eating more of can be hugely empowering as well as assisting conception.  You will probably feel much better in yourself too.

Exercise – Getting the heart going and increasing endorphins round the body can be hugely beneficial for the mind, body and soul.  Even if you don’t need to lose weight, toning up and feeling great about yourself will improve your overall well being.  Energetic exercise such as dance, zumba and boxercise can be great to releasing pent up frustrations.  Swimming or jogging can be as therapeutic for having long thinking spells as it can be strenuous exercise.  Can you find a running partner, or someone to play tennis or attend a dance class with who understands your situation and can help motivate you to go?

Relaxation – Dare we right the word relax?  This isn’t about the crazy feedback “just relax and it will happen” but it is important to take time out and chill, empty your brain and book in some me time.  That might be picking up crosswords or suduko, learning cross stitch or knitting, writing down your thoughts, reading a book that takes you into another world.  Whatever floats your boat to a land of floating easily in calming seas taking you away from all anxiety and pain of the mainland that is SI – do it.  Book in time and make it happen.

Change of scenery – Just getting away from your own bed where you put so much pressure on both of you, spending time relaxing in a bath where you don’t have to look at the place you balanced your last negative pee stick or simply a change of scenery away from everything and everybody that is your everyday life.  Fresh air, places to explore and time together can be hugely therapeutic.

You do need to look after you.


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