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Secondary Infertility Matters

Secondary Infertility Matters

We have created a Youtube Channel:  Secondary Infertility Matters.  It features a number of films that we have created that give an insight to the struggle of someone with SI, which may be useful to show to friends and family to help them understand.

It also features music videos that we think have great songs on that may resonate with you, motivate you, or give your an virtual, aural hug!

Our first video, I Thought Wrong, is taken from personal experience detailing all the things I thought or presumed before I experienced the reality of trying unsuccessfully for another child.  It features family and friends and all the triggers that upset me when I realised what I thought I knew was wrong.  You can find it on our channel or by clicking here:  I Thought Wrong

Our second video, It’s Black & White, is a series of very simple statements or thoughts, some practical, some emotional, others downright crazy, but all those common thoughts that run through the head of a woman trying but failing to give her child a sibling and partner another child.   You can find it on our channel or by clicking here:  It’s Black & White

This is my all time favourite, reliable, uplifting, self worth raising, empowering song.  It’s from the the hit TV series Fame and I first heard it aged 11 on a 12″ album that my Auntie Barbara bought for me.  I know every word and when I’m feeling down, I sing in the shower. I Still Believe In Me…and I do! x

I love this song Unbreakable by Tania Hanchroff.  It’s hugely uplifting.  Click on the song name to hear it.

Rachel Platten’s Fight Song is loved by many as it’s so powerful and inspiring.  Fight on!

I came across Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman on Radio 2 and instantly loved it!  You can do anything!

You can always rely on Kelly Clarkson to come up with a power ballad to lift you.  Try Invincible.