Fertility IQ

fertilityiqlogo-copyJake and Deborah launched Fertility IQ in the US after struggling to find a fertility clinic themselves.  It is now a huge resource for couples seeking assistance in the US with a quarter of them visiting site looking for advice and direction every month.

The site covers thoughtful advice based on priorities, medical history, background and budget and users can search via doctor or location.  Previous patients give an honest review and feedback on a variety of areas of their experience.

You can find their wonderful website here at Fertility IQ

Jake says: “I think Secondary Infertility is a subject that is widely applicable (1/3 of all fertility cycles are for SI), and yet largely unexplored. Many of the issues facing couples suffering from SI are unique, and as a community, they are perceived to be unique. Today’s information resources on SI specifically range between non-existenent and woefully underwhelming, and Helen Davies is in an important position to help establish the discourse in a thoughtful way. I think the fertility community will embrace an attempt to deal with the subject-matter head-on, and we at FertilityIQ would very much count in that group.”