Real Story by Ewelina

We are a family of 3. Secondary Infertility didn’t feel real for us. First you don’t even know of its existence so you just wait, question, search, read, wait again….

We’ve conceived our daughter naturally, I was 29 then. We started trying for a sibling when she was 3.

First month I felt so pregnant, and then AF arrived. It was different (I believe it was chemical but never took a test).

Then we’ve conceived again, it was all quite easy, we were very excited. This pregnancy ended up with miscarriage at 10 weeks :/ at this point we were still, well ok, these things happen.

After that we tried for a few more months, the AF just kept appearing. I was 10 weeks pregnant when my fallopian tube ruptured, I had no idea I was pregnant as had no symptoms and as mentioned above, had very regular periods all the way. The main indication of pregnancy for me was always my period rather then a test. I had an emergency surgery where my right tube has been removed.

We weren’t losing hope, we listened to all the positive stories, “you’re still able to conceive with just one tube”, “it may take longer”….. well how much longer?

We were patient, but this time it wasn’t happening at all. Another year passed and we weren’t able to conceive.

We decided to look for help. We got my remaining tube checked for any blockage only to find it was blocked.

It was a relief in a way, as it felt like we now had an answer, a reason. IVF was our only option but at least we knew my tubes were the problem and now could try to get pregnant by just skipping them. We felt that our bad luck was finally over.

We underwent IVF in November 16, I was able to do egg sharing, and so wanted to do so. I felt maybe, just maybe this journey brought me here to do this exact thing, to help other women who probably have never been pregnant, who might have waited many years to receive the egg.

But our bad luck hadn’t finished there. We again failed to become pregnant. It was devastating! I produced eggs, I gave 7 away, I had 5 fertilised, we transferred 1 good grade embryo, but it didn’t take.

I recently had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done, I wanted to check all is OK before we go ahead with round 2. I got my left tube removed as it wasn’t working anyway, it wasn’t infected, didn’t have any hydrosalpinx, it was just flat on the end and nothing would possible past through it.

They found 3 small polyps in my uterus and I had them removed also. Could they be a reason of our failed IVF? Guess we will never find out.

We are scheduled for our second IVF in February/March 2017.