More Love To Give – My Memoir

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More Love To Give is the story of my journey through IVF and my desire to have and love a second child.

Trying for a second time posed different challenges, coping with the stresses of IVF whilst juggling bringing up a small baby, a full time job and the confusing emotions of anger, frustration and the shame of feeling greedy, selfish and ungrateful at already having a child.

It is 102,000 honest words detailing what goes on behind those three little letters I-V-F, and a frank insight into the pressures those around you, including your own child, seemingly put on you when you want but can’t produce that second child.

Sometimes I hated the monster I became, other times I couldn’t believe the strength and resilience I found when the going got tough, but most of all, I describe my love for my boy and the power of the desire to produce a sibling for him above all else.

Writing More Love To Give began as therapy but it’s now become a mission to share it with as many couples that are suffering and feel alone, as I can.  It is really important for me to spread the word as much as possible.

This isn’t shared for pity, or hugs (though they’re always welcome), it’s to bare the reality behind infertility, behind Secondary Infertility in particular, and demonstrate that sometimes, it’s not OK to ask when someone is “popping the next one out” and that the pain not urge is no less just because you already have a family.

I hope you read and enjoy More Love To Give, but most of all, if you feel the content is relevant, I sincerely hope it brings you peace, reassurance and confidence.  You are not alone and you should not feel guilty.



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