Painful Triggers

Sometimes you cope well and get on with life as normal.  Then there are the bad days. The hormone heavy days.  The days when bumps and babies are everywhere and your sadness is simply overwhelming.

Or there are days when you are feeling strong, positive and on the right track and then out of nowhere you get a phone call, open Facebook or see a friend and something hits you left of field that almost knocks you out cold.

There are triggers to remind you of your situation that evoke pain and sadness everywhere, everyday. Some days you are prepared, some days you cope better than others.

Common triggers are:

Your period arriving

Facebook pregnancy announcements or scans

Invites to baby showers

Close family members getting pregnant

Mummies who were pregnant with you the first time getting pregnant

Questions from your little one

Obtrusive questions from strangers about your family situation

Milestone form your little one, starting school, moving  out of the nusery room etc

Storing away now unused baby equipment or tiny baby clothes

Soap characters getting pregnant!

Hearing complaints from Mummies with lots of children about how hard it is

Watching some shout at or be cruel to a little one

Watching your little one play on their own

Watching friends’ children play with their siblings

Looking back at photographs of your little one as a baby

When your little one doesn’t want to be held or to cuddle when you need it

Realising every moment with your little one might be your last

Thinking about your little one possibly being on their own when you are gone

The optimism of others when you find it hard to stay positive

Phantom feelings of pregnancy

Some sound familiar?  Do you have any other triggers that you would like to share and add to this list?  Tell us you story to help others.


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