Fertility Road Magazine

fertility-road-issue-31_no-31I am delighted to be a regular contributor to Fertility Road magazine on the subject of Secondary Infertility.

Hailed as the most comprehensive and informative fertility magazine in the global market, FERTILITY ROAD is the world’s largest and most successful fertility magazine.

Bimonthly since its launch in the UK in 2010, it now arrives in the US with a fantastic legacy of giving those on journeys to parenthood the support, advice, courage and belief to move forward.

Fertility Road combines expert comment from the leading lights in world fertility with exclusive interviews from A-list celebrity names, all the time breaking down the science of conception with an approach that is engaging, empathetic and inspiring.

Packed with original content, every one of our writers, including Helen Davies, has experienced some of the pain and frustration of infertility, and such a base of knowledge has driven the title to unprecedented success, as well as provoking the sort of reader interaction that can make a profound difference to those looking for answers.

From articles on health, diet, science, sex and psychology to our groundbreaking annual feature Fertility Journeys – in which five couples are invited to work, for free, with five experts across different fertility specialisms (a project that has already led to two pregnancies) – the title embraces everything that is fresh, positive and uplifting about getting pregnant. With excellent design, brilliant insight and even a subtle layer of humour, Fertility Road is the title of choice for people at any point along the journey, be they straight, LGBT, single, married, prospective first-time parents or those looking to extend the family.



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