Promoting Secondary Infertility

It’s catch 22.

People are ashamed of Secondary Infertility and afraid of criticism or hurting others, therefore they don’t talk.

People don’t talk about Secondary Infertility so people are ashamed.

We must talk about it, raise the profile of the actual name and in doing so, remove the stigma that is attached to it.

Today I run this website, Facebook and Twitter pages, collaborate with Fertility Network UK and write for Fertility Road magazine.  I am also writing a second book the A-Z of Secondary Infertility to launch in 2017 along with an information leaflet to be distributed in IVF clinics, initially across the UK.

Can you help?  Well by talking if you are in the situation is a start.  Encouraging others in situation that it’s OK to talk would be great.  Sharing your stories and thoughts on our website here would be fabulous.  Yes!  Everyone can help.  Please do.

Secondary Infertility Matters.  We should all help. x