What will make your ‘Happy’ New Year?

It’s something we all say, it just rolls off the tongue like ‘Merry Christmas’.  My kids say “Merry Christmas” to their friends but were they really hoping they’d all be intoxicated?  No, we just say it because that is what you say!  Right?!

So when it comes to New Year, “Happy New Year” trips off the tongue to everyone you see.  But do we mean have a ‘happy’ one and can anyone really ever have a whole happy year?  For those who have loved and lost in 2016, they know you suffer lows along with the highs through any year.  And happiness, what makes one person happy isn’t enough for the next.  And for some, happiness might be one positive step forward in the right direction, whereas for others, happiness will only ever be achieving their long awaited dream.

So what will ‘a Happy New Year’ in 2017 mean to those struggling with Secondary Infertility. Some will be fortunate to be holding a precious miracle this time next year and so their 2017 will be immensely happy – in fact, strike that, happy will be the understatement of the century if that happens!!  Others may be well along the journey to that joyous moment and yet for the vast majority, just making positive fairy footsteps towards it will make them hugely happy.  So what could happy mean?

A birth?
A pregnancy?
Getting past 12 weeks?
Two blue lines?
A smiley in an ovulation kit?

Healthy swimmers?

Regular sex?

Wanting regular sex?

Finding your ovulation day?

Growing follicles?
Healthy blastocysts?
A strong relationship?
Retaining hope?
Finding support and understanding?
Finding the strength not to scream when friends tell you you’re lucky?
Being able to stomach pregnancy announcements on Facebook?
Walking through Mothercare without sobbing afterwards?
Learning you are eligible for fertility treatment funding?
Starting fertility treatment?

Or simply, contentment in your life, as it is right now, so that your days aren’t weighed down by a heavy heart?

Sometimes one step closer can seem so small to so many but mean so much to you.  It’s gonna be a tough year, let’s face it every one is!  So hold on tight, get ready for the ride and whatever your 2017 brings you – know that you are not alone and that you are understood. Wishing you happiness whatever your goal and achievement.   #secondaryinfertilitymatters


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